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Masandise is the Xhosa word for Let us help grow.Masandise Study Aid is a system of financial, social and academic support for extremely impoverished young people that enables them to undergo tertiary training. Mentors act as surrogate parents, each guiding between one and fifteen individual students, doing what more affluent parents do for their own children, advising and helping them in various ways. Our motto is “A passion for the possible!


Masandise Value Proposition

More than just a bursary find

Masandise is a project run by volunteers who has a passion for developing the potential of first-generation students. First-generation students have to overcome many hurdles to make a success of their studies. Masandise tries to eliminate as many of these hurdles as possible, most of them only costs time and the willingness to become involved in someone else’s story.


Financial aid

Masandise study aid aims to cover some day to day living cost, which is one of the problematic hurdles first-generation students face. The financial assistance provided by the Masandise fund is used to supplement the NSFAS grants and cover the essential living cost and ad hoc study expenses.

Cultivating Opportunity 

Masandise beneficiaries are referred by social workers, schools and other stakeholders. The students that become part of the programme does not get in by merit, but becomes part because they are motivated and driven to better themselves through education In this way Masandise cultivates hope in. the lives of young people, and unlock their future through education.

Get Involved

Become a Champion

It doesn’t matter what you’re up to: you can raise money (and awareness) for Stellumthombo through any challenge you’re undertaking.


How to Donate

When you make a donation, we can issue you with a Section 18A donation certificate which you can use for tax purposes.



Become a volunteer at one of the Stellumthombo programmes in order to cultivate hope in a person’s life.



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