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Stellumthombo courses are designed to equip you to ensure children receive the best possible support to thrive

Stellumthombo ECD courses

Listed here is a summary of the courses available courses

All our courses are currently only available in Afrikaans, since it is our beneficiaries’ home language

Business Management for ECD

The outcome of the series of courses is to teach you the skills to make your ECD sustainable. 


This series of courses you learn about every phase of a child’s development from conception to 5 years. 

Positive behaviour management

In the course you will learn positive ways to manage challenging behavior in the classroom.

Basic ECD course

In the course you will learn why play is important as well as more about the milestones and children’s development.


The course focuses on what the Nelds, ELDAs and CAPS are, as well as how ECDs can use them to promote learning.

Positive parenting

Good behavior comes not only from the school, but also from the parental home. This course equips parents with the skills to foster good relationships with their children. 

Why use Stellumthombo courses?

Our courses are designed to teach you practical skills that you can apply today.

None of Stellumthombo’s courses is accredited, as our focus is to provide you with the necessary relevant equipment that you can use today. Our courses are constantly changing to consider all the changes in the country to give you the best support and appropriate knowledge possible.

Help us change the world

Through the right interventions, we can drastically change the future of a child.

“Children who receive assistance in their early years achieve more success at school. As adults they have higher employment and earnings, better health, and lower levels of welfare dependence and crime rates than those who don’t have these early opportunities.”- unicef

At Stellumthombo, we try to make quality ECD interventions and skills accessible, affordable and practical.



We also offer mentorship to any ECD interested. 

To make sure you get the most value from our courses, we will also mentor you to help address any other questions or challenges you may encounter.


What does it cost?

At the moment all our courses are free, for us, the most important thing is to make an impact and difference by sharing our knowledge.

Where is it offered?

The courses are all available online, but we are also willing to offer them in person if you are in the Winelands. Contact us for more information. (COVID-19 regulations pending)

How long is a course?

Each of the courses is different, but you can join when you have time and complete it on your own time since it is available online.

Is it available in English?

Currently, our courses are only in Afrikaans. If we see the interest is enough, we will possibly translate it into other languages.


How long do I have access?

You have accessed the theory of our courses for a lifetime. The practical examples have limitations but are explained in advance.

Is it possible to download the course?

No, it is only available on the website, but you can contact us to make another arrangement if there are data or access problems.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

No, all of our courses are very easy to understand. Our only requirement is that you operate in the ECD space.

Become part of the solution