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BecomingKids is an early intervention programme focusing on high risk children living in the Cloetesville area of Stellenbosch.

This programme address the needs of such children through a strategic approach that focuses on the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each individual child. The programme is based on the philosophy that children need to be children. It strives to create a safe space where such children can flourish as individuals. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a variety of programmes.


BecomingKids Programmes

Reading Word Works programme

We believe that literacy is a crucial skill needed to unlock a child’s potential. In order to give them the best chance to succeed at school our foundation is grounded in cultivating reading skills and a reading culture. Our reading programme is aimed at Grade R – Grade three level. 

Positive Role-models

The mentorship programme is where the mentors meet with their mentees for an hour once a week. These relationships are important for all our children as they spend time with a positive role-model who broadens their horizons and inspire them to dream of a future broader than their context.

Physical Exercise

In order to improve the concentration of the children in the BecomingKids programme, we have exercise sessions to strengthe their core muscles. Weak core muscles have been proven to have a negative effect on concentration. 


We have various groups where the kids in the BecomingKids programme can share and support one another. These groups have the aim of helping the participants build their self-esteem and also a supportive community.

Camps and Outings

Camps and outings create opportunities where children can learn through play and may gain more extensive experience through their sense of curiosity. Excursions are also used to expand the children’s world view and introduce them to people that inspire them and become a positive role-model.


We cannot do what we do in isolation. To address the children’s need from a holistic perspective, we work with strategic partnerships.

In the light of the escalating violence in Cloetesville it is easy to lose hope and perspective. For the children in the BecomingKids project this violence is part of their reality. While it has always been there, this year there is a new underlying sense of panic among them. They no longer feel safe…

It is in this light that we at BecomingKids once again just realised that the value we add to the lives of the children is crucial to them flourishing in their circumstances. The life revealed to them beyond the daily struggle for survival brings hope and a sense of motivation to the children. More and more we hear from the children that through the mentorship programme, and that which they experience at BecomingKids is a time in their week where they can just be, breath and let go. A sense of calm amidst the storms of their reality.  Even though it is far too short a time, it gives them the perspective to not fall under the control of the structures and myths oppressing the children of communities such as Cloetesville where life outside of violence and gangsterism seems like a fairy tale.

Get Involved

Become a Champion

It doesn’t matter what you’re up to: you can raise money (and awareness) for Stellumthombo through any challenge you’re undertaking.


How to Donate

When you make a donation, we can issue you with a Section 18A donation certificate which you can use for tax purposes.



Become a volunteer at one of the Stellumthombo programmes in order to cultivate hope in a person’s life.



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